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Đại học y dược cần thơ tuyển sinh 2012


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+ Chỉ tuyển thí sinh có hộ khẩu ở các tỉnh Đồng bằng Sông Cửu Long, miền Đông Nam bộ và Nam Trung bộ.

+ Ngày thi và môn thi: theo quy định của Bộ GD&ĐT.

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Article Days » The Worlds Best And Relevant Daily Articles » Are adorable kittens spying on your family for the NSA?

Are adorable kittens spying on your family for the NSA?

Are adorable kittens spying on your family for the NSA?

Our sources have recently gained access to a series of emails between the executive branch and the NSA that reveal a disturbing new breach of privacy.

Adorable Kitten Spys

The government will be pushing new legislation at the state level requiring all household pets be inserted with a microchip before being eligible for licensing. Since licenses are requirements in most states in order to obtain veterinarian services this will result in almost all pets having a microchip installed.
Why would the government do this!?
The NSA cited that they could utilize the chip to acquire audio, location and bio readings from within the home of every pet owner.

Please fight against any new legislation within your state requiring that pets be inserted with location devices in order for licensing.

We are taking great risks in bringing you this information. Please take action and share with your family and friends.

Freedom Leaks


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